Athlete Everyday visits the Polar Bears

Martha’s Vineyard's Inkwell Plays Host to Polar Bears and Athlete Everyday

Donald Harrison DPM - August 9, 2019

Back Massage wit Athlete Everyday Body Massager

After taking the splash and joining the daily, early-morning workout group on Monday August 5, 2019, Athlete Everyday co-founder Dr. Donald Harrison decided be a value-add to the community by performing free massages to anyone interested. After receiving the green light, the AE crew set up shop on the famed Inkwell Beach and introduced people to their new product, the Athlete Everyday Body Massager. Scenes from the Inkwell The Body Massager received glowing reviews and commentary after loosening up the shoulders and legs of many. The AE team will be there for one additional day on August 10, 2019 (7:30 -10:30 a.m.) providing free massages and hanging out with the history-making, bond-forming Polar Bear organization. If you’re on the island come out to sample the innovative, powerful, and lightweight Athlete Everyday Body Massager.

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Polar Bear Communioty joins hands and creates a welcoming atmosphere