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16 Square Foot Dual-Density Floorguard

$40 $99

Durable and easy to clean, the Fitness Gear® 16 Square Foot Dual-Density Floorguard features a non-skid design that stays put during floor exercises while protecting athletes and heavy equipment.

Cushioned Protection

Rubber skin backed with high density foam provides gym-like feel and durability at home
Makes long periods of standing and floor-bound exercises more comfortable
Helps to dampen sounds while protecting athletes and equipment

Quality Construction

Rubber and high density foam tiles easily interlock to create a smooth surface measuring 16 square feet
Non-skid, water and noise-resistant construction with faux wood grain laminate
Easy to install and clean

Additional Details

Dimensions: 4’ x 4’ when assembled; 2’ x 2’ (one piece)
Mat Thickness: ¾’’
For residential use only
Includes 4 interlocking pieces

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