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205 lb. Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate Set

$450 $550

Olympic and Power Lifting

Made for squats, snatches, clean and jerks, bench presses, deadlifts and more
Helps in the development of total body strength

Clang-Free Plate Design

High quality vulcanized rubber construction lets you lift and drop without damaging your floors
Less noisy than traditional iron plates with minimal bounce for added safety
Stainless steel inserts slide on and off weight bars with ease
Peel, chip and bloom-resistant for long-lasting use

Quality Barbell Construction

Heat treated steel design with black anodized finish for durable, long-lasting use
Dual knurling offers a solid grip for optimal performance
Rust-resistant finish

Barbell Key Specs

Max Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Straightness Tolerance: +/- .20 cm
Calibrated to +0.1% to -0.05% of 20 kg
Bar sleeves machined to 1.975 inches
Includes 2 thrust bearings and 1 copper bushing per sleeve
Dimensions: 86.61’’ L and 28mm in diameter
Weight: 45 lbs.
Meets IWF standards

Additional Details

Set includes one 7’ Olympic barbell, 2 lock jaw collars, 2 10-lb. plates, 2-25 lb. plates and 2-45 lb. plates

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