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Recover Knee Sleeve with Custom Cold Pack

$39 $69

Integrated with a freezable cold pack to simultaneously treat swelling while you train, the McDavid® Recover Knee Sleeve provides a unique therapy treatment for sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help you minimize the pain to maximize your workout performance.

Lightweight, Anatomical Support
4-way stretch elastic material gently wraps around your knee for quality comfort and support
Knitted fabric minimizes sleeve from bunching when flexing your knee for long-lasting comfort

Reduce Swelling While You Train
Sleeve design stabilizes your joints while cold compress minimizes swelling
Removable cold pack can be placed in the freezer to target inflammation during your workout
Ideal for acute and chronic injuries without disrupting your range of motion

Key Details
Cold compress knee sleeve
Keeps afflicted joints secure and stabilized while cold therapy reduces swelling
Fits left or right knee
Materials: 81% nylon, 17% spandex (elastane), 2% TPU

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