Discover the One Tool Every Triathlete Needs to Restore Muscle Strength

Middle age doesn’t need to be the end of activity. In fact, more and more people are jumping into athletics at this age to balance the stress from work and family. It’s a healthy way to tackle stressors while challenging oneself to greatness. For many, getting into the triathlete circuit is a solid option.

One middle-aged man found out the hard way though that you can’t push through injuries during sports. You have to treat them. After 3 years as a triathlete, he started to notice that he had pain in his Achilles tendon and felt muscle tightness in the back of his left leg. The pain kept getting worse to the point that he couldn’t bike, run, or even swim.

Were his dreams of succeeding as a triathlete outside his office role about to fade away forever? Thankfully, he visited the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland during the spring and early summer of 2019. Coming between New York and DC for his finance job, he diligently came to office visits and learned what to do at home to improve his recovery via teleconference.

While his work and travel schedule made things more challenging, he wanted to do whatever it would take to recover. Lucky for him, the Athlete Everyday Body Massager was a tool he could use at home or on the road to alleviate muscle tension and tightness. By following the plan that was detailed for his recovery, he’s now begun running and biking again. Though he still has a long road to go before he tackles another triathlon, this recovering athlete is now on the road to pre-injury fitness.

Whenever he’s on the road, he makes sure to pack his convenient Athlete Everyday Body Massager to take along with him. “This device comes with me everywhere!” he told us. Get back to your fitness and compete the way you want to no matter your age. Contact the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland today and get back on the road to recovery.

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